Ace Storm
Ace Storm
Ace from Team HellStorm.
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown (presumably 16 or 17)
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Ace Storm, or Alyssa Storm is one the main characters in Team HellStorm: Rise of the Hero. She works alongside Dusk the Wolf and Misery the Demon to restore Base Zero back to its original state. She is the leader of the team.

Backstory Edit

Ace is the last of the DragonStar Warriors.[1] Parents slaughtered when she was young, Flare put her in the BlackThorn Labs to be used for Project: HERO. Eventually meeting Flare, who she was supposed to kill before released, got her out and the two teamed up to fight the Empire. Eventually Dusk joined them, and Team HellStorm formed.[2]

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

Ace uses weapons such as bows and arrows, and has a katana and a claymore. She can also use an ability called Dark Shroud.

Relationships Edit

References Edit


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