Dusk the Wolf
Dusk the Wolf (Team HellStorm)
Dusk from Team HellStorm.
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 22
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Dusk the Wolf, or Dusk Silverthorne, is one the main characters in Team HellStorm: Rise of the Hero. She works alongside Ace Storm and Misery the Demon to restore Base Zero back to its original state.

Backstory Edit

Dusk silverthorne by dragonstar2197-d7og3sy

Dusk's original appearance.

Dusk was not well liked as a child, and even with her father's protection, she was still put in harm's way, to the point where she was nearly killed by a shark, thus gaining a fear of them. When she was six years old, two men threw her into a shark tank. Barely making out of the tank alive, she was covered with deep bite marks, and a missing tail, as she was born with two. Flare happened to watch the whole thing. Before the shark could do any more damage, Flare got Dusk away from the tank. Shortly after she transferred her own blood into the wolf, removing the wounds. As a result, Dusk became half demon, her white fur turned ebony, and golden eyes tuned blood red, though now she's regaining her old form. Since this, the two became close friends, shortly after, Flare met Drake, and fell pregnant with Riku and Roxy, both having Dusk as their godmother. Dusk became what's known as the Eterna Blade, the name of her weapon form.[1]

Personality Edit

Dusk is a laid back, care free wolf. Dusk is always in a good mood and it's rare to see her upset in anyway. The only time Dusk has felt uneasy, was when she had met Ace. Dusk and Ace don't get along well, in fact, they try to kill each other.[2]

Abilities Edit

Dusk has the ability to turn into a powerful scythe called Crescent Moon. She also has a weapon form called the Eterna Blade.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Dusk's ability to turn into weapons is based off of the anime Soul Eater.

See Also Edit

Dusk the Wolf (Flare the Gamer)

References Edit


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